Prole Lifting Shake

Inspired by Doucette's shake recipe but for proles like me who can't afford blueberries.
Macro's are more ranged.
Satiates for ~5 hours


  1. Almond Milk
    Two Cups
  2. Whey protein
    Two Scoops
  3. Ice
    ~3-4 cubes
  4. PBFit Powder
    One Spoon (can be substituted with choco milk flavoring but will mess protein)
  5. *OPTIONAL* Bannana / berries
    One Serving


Have blender ready, pour in two cups of almond milk

Step One

Put powders in, any order will do

Step Two

Put in optional ingredients, then ice on top

Step Three

Blend [1] minute. Drink up from cup or straight from blender, goes well with tuna or ricecake.
Drink AFTER workout to avoid potential vomiting/sloshing